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Don’t ignore DPF failure and run the risk of an expensive repair

An illuminated engine management light on your diesel vehicle could mean that your diesel particulate filter is blocked and needs cleaning. However, a blocked DPF is usually caused by another fault with your vehicle which needs to be identified and fixed, otherwise, the blockage will reoccur.

The diesel particulate filter is part of a diesel car’s exhaust system that’s designed to filter out harmful particulates. The job of the DPF is to filter and store these pollutants in order to reduce emissions from diesel cars.

If you ignore the engine warning light caused by DPF failure and continue driving, the build-up of soot will soon reach a point whereby your car may enter limp mode to prevent further damage to the engine and a more expensive repair for example turbo failure.

As accredited DPF Doctors, West Automotive will undertake an industry-leading DPF assessment which will identify any underlying faults and get to the cause of your DPF issue to stop the problem of bigger repairs from occurring.


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